Welcome, Marisol and Tyler!

It’s the second anniversary of the Watanabe lab!!

Marisol and Tyler joined the lab for the rotation. Marisol will be working on endosomal sorting mechanisms. Tyler will be working on the post-endocytic trafficking. It will be an exciting semester!

Cell Biology X’mas Party 2017

Happy Holidays from the Watanabe lab!

*made out of empty glass bottles that normally store Epon.
We processed so many samples for electron microscopy this year.
>1,100 for the year…
I am afraid to calculate how much it costed to purchase the sapphire disks….

Happy Holidays!

A year-ending party at Shiso Tavern. Had fun discussing science and life!

NEB shipment?

A surprise visitor of the lab! Perhaps came out of the NEB shipment?

The last day for Kristhine!

Our SARE scholar, Kristhine Martinez, presented a poster at the SARE and DDP Summer Poster Presentation and Celebration. A very productive summer for her, and we are all glad she came to us. We will miss you!

Welcome to the lab, Katie!

Katie Conlon, another rotation student from the BCMB program! She will be working on the lipid trafficking at synapses. 5/8/2017

Welcome to the lab, Alexis!

We have a new rotation student! Alexis Tomaszewski from the BCMB program. She will be characterizing a protein likely involved in ultrafast endocytosis. -4/25/2017

Welcome to the lab, Yuuta!!

Dr. Imoto just joined the lab! He came all the way from Japan on the JSPS fellowship. He will be working on membrane remodeling at synapses. Welcome to the lab!